Rusty Loftin Massage


Best Deep Tissue Massage and sports related body work EVER, period! I have been to dozens of Massage Therapists in the past two years and I have to say that Rusty is by far the best. I have been recovering from a sports injury and dealing with severe muscle tension and pain It has been a blessing to have Rusty as a resource.


Jennie F.

I have been searching for a good massage therapist for a long time; YEARS! I am a dentist and have bad back pain, shoulders and neck and no one seemed to do it for me. After only 5 minutes with Rusty, I could tell that he has a technique that is one of a kind. He is able to move the lactic acid out of my knots while other massage therapists just massage and have no idea what to look or feel for. Finally I found someone... He is the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST around!

Todd M. DDS

Rusty is very competent, compassionate, informed, skilled and is passionate about his work. I have booked with him for years and have not been disappointed. Every massage with him seems to be better than the last. I am amazed at his focus and dedication to massage. His work combines multiple modalities and techniques; all designed for relief as well as relaxation. When I am weighed down, achy, tired or just feeling trapped within my own body. I am always confident that a visit to Rusty will surely get me back on track and feeling healthier, vibrant, energized, and restored :-)

Laura D.

I have had overuse injuries from triathlon training and have been to physical therapy and saw a chiropractor for months. After one 90 minute session with Rusty, most of the combined tension from my injuries has been released. Now I can begin to train again and do my exercises without the pain! His massage is a must for Athletes!

Stacy S.

Truly incredible Deep Tissue/Sports Massage!! The secret - His wealth of knowledge and experience. He hasn't only studied the muscles, he knows and appreciates how they all come together to cause pain and tension. Working to relieve tension, his style is a balance of the science of Massage Therapy and the art and application of various different techniques - creating a fusion that works!!

Brandon G.

I was fortunate enough to find Rusty while traveling in the area. I am something of a connoisseur of body workers (all techniques) and Rusty is among the best of them, hands down. During the two sessions he had available, we worked on pinpointing the cause of several areas of chronic pain as well as an acute issue. I had requested a particularly intense but effective modality called trigger point massage, and Rusty was careful to balance the intense movements that I asked for with more enjoyable Thai and hot stone and heaven only knows what else. He also used some wonderful techniques that I had never experienced before. I look forward to working with Rusty again in the future and just wish that I lived closer so that I could see him more often!


Jeanne S.

As a former Massage Therapist, and someone who has received literally hundreds and hundreds of massages, I know that a therapist of Rusty's caliber is hard to find. Rusty seems to understand the complex intricacies of the body's musculature well enough to deliver a truly therapeutic massage. The incredible thing for me was that even though I was getting some serious bodywork, his style and flow made me feel as if you are getting a spa massage - not a mechanical fixer-upper - the result is an amazing Massage! Take it form me, there are massages and then there is Massage Therapy as an art form, a craft and a systematic approach to alleviating or addressing pain in the body. 

Rusty Loftin is a master Massage Therapist!

Carolyn M.

AMAZING! Rusty is a true healer. His approach is very powerful and unique in that he integrates multiple massage techniques to give a deep, therapeutic treatment specifically customized to your needs. He worked out all of my tight spots and even reset my bothersome forearms and wrists. If you need a serious massage and aren't looking for your typical rub down, Rusty is you man!

Mindy M.

You break it, Rusty fixes it!

No kidding, he's amazing. Running, surfing, and the aging process take their toll on my body and even my mind, but Rusty uses a mixture of techniques, such as Thai, trigger point, deep tissue and more to put everything back in order so I can continue to do the things I love.

Ginger H.

I've been getting massage for many years now. I've had over a hundred massages form different therapists and Rusty is by far the best! He cured a chronic pain that I thought I'd have to  just live with. He always asks exactly what's going on so he can work specifically on that area. I highly recommend Rusty for athletes to secretaries for anyone looking to add massage to their health regime. Tell him Patty sent ya.

Patty M.

I found Rusty Loftin on the internet as I was searching for a body-worker that could tackle chronic muscle issues. Rusty Loftin was intriguing because he has had muscle issues himself, and could relate to the needs of his clients. I work on my feet everyday and am quiet active and tend to hold a lot of tension in my body.  When I went in for my first session, I was hoping for a session that was as good as some that I've had in the past. Well, I was blown away! Not only was Rusty beyond my expectations he has continued to impress me. Every time I visit him, he gives me a different treatment, so he really focuses on what I need at the time. My husband follows with his session after mine and he too is always impressed. We drive about thirty five miles to see Rusty, have lunch and head home for a nap!

Beatrice B.

Nobody gives a massage like Rusty Loftin. His years of training with Doctors has given him a style that is remarkably therapeutic and still relaxing. Deep tissue? No Problem! And, the best stretch EVER. My lower back, hips and neck sing his praises.

Stephanie P.

Rusty is awesome in many ways. First of all, he was able to identify my issues right away (without any help from me) as he has an astute intuition for bodywork. I really appreciate his sensitivity, his holistic approach, and most of all I had excellent results. I am impressed with his knowledge and skills. He was able to resolve an issue that no other therapist was willing to touch. He also knows the scope of his abilities and when you are better off in someone else's hands. In my case he referred me to a chiropractor for my neck issues. I love how Rusty was able to release the trapped energy stored in the connective tissue that immediately resulted in an increase in energy and sense of well being. I really appreciate that Rusty attempted to address all of my issues in one session. Rusty has given me tools to work with to improve my strategy. I came away form my session having learned something about myself. Rusty is a gifted Massage Therapist and Healer.

Sioux M.