Electro-Lymphatic Drainage


Why Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Recovering from surgery can be a long and tedious process. Whether my clients are recovering from a serious sporting, automotive injury or plastic surgery, the pain and swelling and scar tissue sensitivity can last for weeks and months after surgery.

A large part of my practice is offering a full range of lymphatic drainage services to  my clients within days of their surgeries. I am trained and certified as a lymphatic drainage therapist. Lymphatic drainage helps to assist the healing process of the body post surgery.  The lymphatic system is our body's fluid transport system. It's what is draining from the ports and the open wounds post surgery.

The lymph, a slightly milky fluid, is produced and circulated by the body to help restore and detoxify every cell. This fluid often builds up after surgery. They way our body moves lymph is simply by us moving around. It is closely paired up with the body's venous blood system. The venous blood is returning to the heart via the superior vena cava. Located nearby is the Thoracic Outlet which is a key component I transferring lymph back into the blood system where residual toxins removed by the lymph are transported to the kidneys and bowel to be passed from the body. When we are laid up and recovering from our wounds, the lymph gets backed up and begins to pool. If left unattended, soft tissues can be left with residual hard and lumpy areas that may linger for years or become permanent. This is particularly the case in face lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction and butt lifts. The faster we are able to move that build up of lymph fluid from the site, the more efficient the healing process becomes. This reduces the amount of post surgical complications as well as improving cosmetic appearance. In short, Lymphatic Drainage is an essential therapy on the road to recovery from any type of surgery; be it cosmetic or medical. It is imperative to get lymphatic drainage treatments immediately after surgery to help alleviate the swelling and enhance the drainage of fluid that can pose post surgical challenges.

Health and Beauty Benefits

 - Reduction of pain due to lymphatic swelling

 - Prevention of conditions of the breast allowing for normal function of the axillary nodes

 - Supports cellulite reduction therapies and post procedures of microdermabrasion

 - Cosmetic enhancement by the reduction of fluid deposits in the face, resulting in healthier skin

 - Helps in prevention of prostate problems

 - Providing relaxation, and increased energy

Some conditions reported to have benefited from lymphatic therapy include reduction in swollen lymph nodes, edemas, breast lumps, allergies, sinus, headaches, hormone imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, and immune and fatigue syndromes.

What happens during a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment?

This is one of the most relaxing hours of treatment you will ever spend. Once you disrobe you will be lying on a massage table, covered with a soft sheet and blanket. The therapist will begin using a Lymphatic Wand which is attached to the Lymph Machine, to gently scan over every part of the body with a particular emphasis on areas with high lymphatic concentration...neck, breasts and underarms, abdomen, groin area, legs etc. The wand puts out a current of sound and light energy that penetrates through the skin that begins to break up the congestion and stagnation through the Lymphatic System. You may feel a slight sensation of energy in your body during the treatment, but otherwise you will mostly feel very relaxed. The session itself takes approximately an hour from check in to check out.

How to prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment:

Preparation is easy. We ask that clients to avoid wearing any jewelry anywhere on your body. Please do not wear perfume, make-up, oils, deodorants, cologne, or anything unnatural that could be put on the body. You can eat lightly before a session but it's best to come in with as empty stomach as possible.

If you are interested in an assessment to see if a lymphatic treatment could help you, please call my office to set up an appointment with Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Rusty Loftin or email me directly at contact@rustyloftinmassge.com

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