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I have been a Massage Therapist for over twenty years and have learned that each person is as unique as a snowflake. I listen to each unique need my client has and make sure to address them. In my many years of practice I have addressed just about every conceivable malady that a Massage Therapist can be presented with. It still never ceases to amaze me just how effective Massage can be in alleviating pain, stress, muscle tension and sports injuries in addition to that feeling of well-being that you take away form the experience.

My specialty is Deep Tissue Massage with a blend of other modalities including the use of Hot Stones. I call this "Stone Flow Massage". The use of Hot Stones in my massage has become and integral and vital part of all of my services. I find that the application of focused heat allows the muscles to relax more quickly, thus more effective work can be done. The blending of modalities offers my clients a unique and dynamic experience. I believe strongly in the overall benefits of Massage, for this reason I charge one price for all types of massage including Hot Stone.

Over the years, I have developed my own technique that is a mixture of Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi with hot stones, Trigger Point, Active Release Technique, Somatic Massage, and Thai Massage complete with stretching. I have found that unlike Traditional Western Massage, the Eastern  philosophy of massage has  aspects within its historical use that address a deeper, more dynamic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit. For example, In Thai Massage the session always begins at the feet and works its way up the body, as apposed to working from the head to the feet. In Thai Massage, a systematic series of compressions and stretches are applied along each side of the body. Each compression and movement is in sequence to enhance the next phase of the work to be done. All of these movements happen to coincide with the direction of the body's lymphatic flow. The effect is simply amazing. This is the primary reason that I begin all of my massages at the feet and from there gradually work up to the head  and shoulders, then out to the fingertips.

As we age, the effects of gravity begin to take its toll on all the joints of the body. By working directionally towards the heart, we are essentially combating the effects of gravity on the body. Instead of compressing the vertebrae by bushing down from the shoulders, we begin to lengthen and open those spaces in-between the vertebrae by slowly pushing up from the hips towards the shoulders and rebooting the directional flow in the body. I have much success with back pain relief, sports injuries and overall stress relief.

I am looking forward to being a vital resource to you in your journey towards better health and well-being.


Rusty Loftin LMBT, HHP, ELDS

Rusty Loftin

Massage Education

  • Touch Therapy Institute - Encino, California
  • Ashland Institute of Massage - Ashland Oregon
  • Healing Hands Institute of Massage and Body Work - Escondido, California
  • Three years mentorship and practicum through David Wells, D.C., L.A.c., O.M.D. - Encino, California
  • Continuing Education for over 20 years
  • Licensed in North Carolina and California

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